• One look at a westie and they make you do anything

    I was in town and the PDSA were there trying to get people to sponsor an animal. I normally don't have time for speels and like to do things in my own time, but maybe it was the lovely weather or the fact I had just treated myself to 2 pairs of jeans that made me stop and listen to this mans speel. He didn't ramble for long but the whole time I was thinking ...

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    West Highland Terrier,
  • My Westies

    As much as my 2 westies are a handful I love them to bits. They always have to be near me. When I sit on the couch the 2 of them lie next to me even though there is another comfier 3 seater at the other side of the livingroom. If I moved to the 3 seater they would follow. They rely on me to feed them and let them out for the toilet and ...

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    West Highland Terrier