• Overcoming addiction and alcoholism-There is Hope

    My name is Stephanie, and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. I remember how miserable I was when I was using and drinking. Getting sober isn’t nearly as hard as keeping up with our lives when we are out there drinking or using. It’s amazing how different I am today, nearly four years later. Through Bradford Health Services, AA, my family, my new (real) friends, and my AA sponsor, I gained my life back. ...

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  • Doing that say what? And other stories

    Cover me up and God will see you more than I would see all of you? As a dreamer Supertramp style? When I put my hands in my head you should conservatively think I'm touching you where you've got to me? Being all over the place? Doing my kind of head would remain more in the realms of fantasy as something less sinister I hope than the blood letting drive of a Dracula figure looming ...

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