• My 1 year challenge

    There is a time in life when we draw a line in the sand. When we leave without ever turning back. When we emerge ourselves into something with an energy beyond anything we ever focused on before. My line in the sand came when I was 42 years old and within a time frame of 4 years I lost my father, I was witness to something criminal, I had a child coming back to live ...

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  • Sometimes you just got to eat the frog......

    Anxiety. A damn pain in the arse (literally) But...also a reminder (apologies to any animal lovers - I am too and wouldn't eat any of the animals I am about to refer to - its just my way of putting things into context) A reminder that sometimes you sometimes just need to eat the frog (if you have something horrible or scary you need to do - just get it over and done with). But ...

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