Recovery ain't easy

Recovery needs honesty

Honesty about the ugliness

Honesty about those you pushed away



Family and true friends are waiting…

Purpose is waiting…

Dreams are waiting …


Be honest with your self

Love yourself again

No more putting a fist through the mirror


Recovery is learning to trust

Trust those who are helping

Even when it hurts

Yes there is pain

But then - you’re no stranger to pain


I promise you

You will awake from the nightmare

You will dare to dream

You will want to live to the max

You are a beautiful unique human

You have much more to give

More than you can possible imagine


I can say this because I have kissed the lips of death

I can say this as a human who saw the doctor’s fingers barely apart

Telling me how close I was to leaving this earth


Recovery is no walk in the park

But I promise you

It's worth it



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