Doing that say what? And other stories

Cover me up and God will see you more than I would see all of you?

As a dreamer Supertramp style?
When I put my hands in my head you should conservatively think I'm touching you where you've got to me?

Being all over the place?
Doing my kind of head would remain more in the realms of fantasy as something less sinister I hope than the blood letting drive of a Dracula figure looming in the open or closing doorway to heaven and hell just as I night be both shifting here and there deciding which one might be all the more special with or without my blood count?

I'm in preparation for what you might not be as prepared to accept with or without me as the only explanation you are ever going to get from God?
Standing still somewhere you haven't figured out as you still figure in as one of the boys or one of the girls making it obvious you can't live with one as you haven't learned to live with yourself as you leave to the last and don't last in or out?

Why inside and not here with me on the inside out
More than anything I will be trying to discover for you if you have free will as I willfully find you out?

To infinitely go beyond the call of duty as a wild card?

As much as you haven't I was thinking we've taken on a lot as individuals so I thought I wouldn't take on too much if I just took on myself but then that's when the world joined in and made it almost impossible to deny my depression had good cause to be denied me solace in my greater solitude?

Waking up alone?
If this is a dream what are the chances of God for God?

Which ever is the easiest to make contact with or without us both?
Pick one explain God or explain my writing for and to whoever it may concern?

To start properly with a bump and grind on into the night?
We're all there at the end waiting for the beginning?

Substantially less abused and abusing of all the more unwell welcoming substances that aren't welcome in your body as much as what we lack inn comfort and joy?
I'm sure there are many guys out there thinking in here looking and being looked at out there at a woman for a woman of substance?

Where you really get our acts together?
As I might hope with the Write to Recovery and my own more constant writing abilities must surely testify to my being extremely busy on a day by day basis while I can only imagine the lord knows what of whatever if ever you will now be far more busy than I've been indeed at some point or other?

By stupidity incapable of admission or submission?
Don't you get the feeling as much as I get the feeling that we're all surrounded?

Trying to believe me?
Telling me as much as I can tell you that I don’t and didn’t ever at any point other than getting to the point of having any good or many good reasons for getting even better than all those many reasons to be the meaning to the present meaning there is as it's there but mostly here in the future relating to all the past and here I will really struggle beyond all sense of forever believing to believe that I do or I don’t have you?

Why not leave the philosophy part of making sense of a sense of reason to the God's?
Where you'd be more anxious or even desperate to embrace you're hedonism with a little bit of God's or just your own common sense and consideration for those others who are just as keen but far more fearful of abusing their bodies in having lost control while having too much fun taking the p and knocking the sh** out of God's gift?

At present up until my birthday on the 26th of this fair or foul mouthed month?
I do believe life begins at fitty if the likes or liking of David Bowie and of course David Cassidy is anything to go by in another way where it could be be forever if we make it or at least I made it to 50 and beyond and if I have indeed been serving my greater apprenticeship God and then some when with Five Years being up that should in theory really put me in my place and way up on a hired high as long as it's not a horse soldier?

You are very capable of thinking like me it's just highly likely that you want to be me as much as I could be easily when it's a doddle?
You are very capable of thinking like me it's just highly likely that you want to be me as much as I could be easily when it's a doddle?

Ready to admit it in heaven?
Hell is like being known for what you're not?

With my strange comfortable and uncomforting form of paranoid android ( a tissue a tissue we all fall fail and yet rise up to Marvin Gaye or otherwise hearing the sounds of what we've heard tell on the grape vine with or without a hitch)
As much as it can seem like I've not only risen from the dead with my head wounding both mentally and physically but also with my not having been diagnosed with it so it can still feel on occasion as if everything and everyone is in and out to get me where I do or don't want to go insanely radio ga ga?

Dependent Arthur Dently incidentally whether you feel God is advanced or just advancing the cause of man being unmanly or too manly to advance God as a woman?
I am really on the odd side on the odd occasion whilst I'm merely trying as best I can as anyone being me can in a greater effort at least to perfect our work or just yours if it's not mine and therefore never ever being my place to get it done with this eternal struggle as we all struggle to make it with our makers makers?

Make No Mistake as I do Over and
I am just as scared as you are if not quite terrified as I have so much hope in loving you as much as you need to be loved as I want to be loved more than anybody only you do have to prove to me that you are worthy of my love ❤ as tend to think I go on loving you for the longest time we can handle the love ❤ of God being more of nature when God wouldn't be who she is if she wasn't the love ❤ of my life?

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