Be Your Own Best Friend

Be your own best friend-

Look at you.
You are still here.
Still here, alive, with us and living.
You've overcome so much, and yet the battle goes on.
All you've achieved- amazing and more successful than most.
Some dark days, some just days.
Days you feel numb, or sad or nothing.
But you do still have days.
Those days are yours, you earned them.
Darkness is never far from your mind.
But it's your mind reminding you.
Where you were, is not where you are now.
Because even in todays darkness you can see a door for tomorrow.
You built that door, with your own hands.
Hard it was.
Worth it, it will be.
You have to trust, not easily done.
But let go and trust.
Have faith in your best days, most un-lived and yet to come.
Be kind, to yourself as you are to us all.
Be gentle with you.
Gentleness and kindness for you always.
Always beautiful, though your soul was dimmed and dull.
It's light is again gathering.
Brighter and more beautiful.
You are beautiful.
You are you.
And you are still here.

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