loneliness of long-term carer (HOPES-DREAMS-WISHES)

Oh, the loneliness of the long-term carer!

have been a carer for about 30yrs

or more

have lost track of my




As a child I dreamed of being a dancer.

Later, as an adult, I wanted, so badly, to be an artist.

(I still do)

Sometimes I dream of being a writer- but perhaps I lack the discipline?

I often wish that I could escape

and have my own studio

In the 4th week of the Tree of Life

we talked about

re-framing our skills-

I am kind

I am creative

(I need to remember that)

I can cope in a crisis

I can keep calm, and focus

I'm good at giving advice

I'm M's therapist!

we all need to
value our strengths

and not be put off by set-backs

someone said that we must-

value our values!
re-affirm them

don't brush them aside

And that we are
not free- if we are a victim
being a survivor empowers-
vulnerability is strength

don't hide stuff
tell the truth
honesty leads to support

branches represent-
hopes dreams and wishes

what are we proud of?

wish- what does it mean?
would like to happen
hard to achieve
like to change

what do I wish?

I wish to change my situation

I wish to be healthy and happy

I wish all the best for M too

to aspire
wishful thinking

hope drives dreams

how do we achieve this?

plan- active- contemplation

take steps to achieve

what do I hope for?

work that I love?

better sex!

space to be creative in

money of my own


dreams are like fairy tales

dreams- you need a clear image

want to do- more than anything

take steps to make it happen

I'm good at dreaming, but not at making things happen!

When things go wrong- I blame myself

or the world

what do I dream?

dream of being loved

dream of being a success

dream of having more independance

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