falling for an artist- the good, the bad, and the ugly

don’t-fall-in-love-with-an-artist NEVER marry an Artist: 

I fell for an artist- please don't do as I have done

and if, by chance, you do-

be prepared

and heed my advice

see below for my 

comprehensive advice on said the topic




it was exciting



he put me in his work-

my face on his pots


various body parts

(the round bits)

on his sculptures

he told he loved my body

he took photos

of me

with my

clothes on

and off

I was surrounded by his lovely work

he was fun

he was interesting

he was good-looking

he was very, very

VERY sexy


They ‘re moody-

he would go to a dark place, and not talk to me- or he would be very ‘up’, and act very silly
it could be exhausting trying to work out what mood he was in, and how to talk to him
and it was almost impossible to bring him out of himself 

when he didn't wanna talk

/They‘re super boring-

I loved what he did (ceramics) 
But I didn’t live, breathe, talk about it- like he did
He was a bit of a nerd!

You can’t surprise them-

His mind was more wacky and crazy than mine

They look simple-but they’re complex 

I felt like I had to be on my toes
And I couldn’t predict his reactions to anything I said
Or did

If you’re very tidy, be ready for divorce

His place was a mess
I tried not to care- but I did


Man of few words

I’m quiet too- but he was worse!
It was so hard to get him to talk to me
Or be interested in what I said
It made me nervous
He was the ice man!


in their own imaginary world

so difficult for him to do ordinary stuff
or to relate to real life-

I wondered what planet he was on
You can’t seduce them easily


So difficult
It took forever for him to know I was interested


spend half of their life in the studio

whenever I rang him
and asked what he was doing
he would always say

you will be second love. First is ART

there was no way that I could 
take him away from his precious work!


the break-up

he was so selfish

he was a selfish man-full stop

I often felt manipulated

he was sarcastic


there was the brick wall-there was that too



It feels wrong to end like this- I feel I have to say something positive

but what?

there was an open studio


I was tempted to go

to see him

I still wanted him to see me 

and to say something nice to me

I wanted him to still want me


probs coz I'm still not over him yet

I should be- but I'm not!

in the end

there was no open studio-

as I'd got the dates wrong 






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