a strange and scary place

the tree of life
was developed in Zimbabwe
as a way
to tell stories

to make people feel stronger

the first week

where you come from
family history

the second week

where are you now?

talked to two ladies-
one from India
one from Iran
this country can be a strange and scary place

I'm born here, but my parents
came here from Italy
they wanted me to behave one way
but society shows me another way

I want more freedom

I want a life that I can call my own

to do work that fulfils   me

to grow


what heals us?
for most people

for me-
and the sea

I love to be by water

I need to write
to paint
to dance
to play!

so, creativity heals me, when times are hard

the third week


this represents your skills and abilities

what are your skills?

one girl- with very bright pink hair
talked of her gentleness

as her strength

and it made her feel good to help people


 her creativity

helped too

we both agreed
that being creative
gave us freedom

I said that I often


against being told what to do

what are our values?

I was taught to be honest
and hard-working


to a degree
I try to be!
it's hard though

I need to find
something meaningful in my life

we drew
the ground
the roots
the trunk

my tree is colourful

and looks more like a person than a tree!

next week

we draw the branches

which represent our hopes, dreams, and wishes


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