The Bogeyman

Please Note: This piece contains dark themes


Wrote this in

Creative Writing (see below)

then went to the cafe

with two of the others-


I thought it would make a change to what I usually do


and then

I saw HIM

the EX


he had his back to me

but I recognised his voice


I love his voice!

I guess it brought it all back-


it was

a horrible break up

he blamed me

he chucked me out

he was cold

he was a prat


I made excuses, as I hadn't any cash

(that was true)

so I left

and almost went back

to see the others

and, I guess

I wanted to see him again



but couldn't risk it



my life is so dull

so pathtic- I wish

there was somewhere

that I could dump

old lovers



The Bogeyman

The Bogeyman will get you
late at night
in bed
when the lights were off
and you were in your stripy pajamas and socks
and with your teddy
and even if
you put the pillow over your head
and curled the covers around you tight
as tight as can be

The Bogeyman will creep up the stairs
turn on the light
drink all your milk
set fire to your dreams
kill your cat
turn Mr Colman's hair bright white
wilt the flowers
leave your books in disarray

The Bogeyman will come and get you
be you male or female
black, white, orange, green, or yellow, or brown

The Bogeyman will come
with his long fingers
foul breath
sallow cheeks
dirty feet

The Bogeyman loves 
the smell of children
expecially bad children
naughty children
children that talk too much
that misbehave
children on the wrong side of the street
children with an opinion he doesn't like
that don't fit in
that disagree
that stay up too late
that fight too much
that eat too many ice creams
that dare to dream
that let off steam
at half past one
or five fifteen

The Bogeyman will get you
you have been warned

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