we need people and love

It is week five of the tree of life.

My tree has become taller, and I'm now working on the floor!

I have stuck leaves on the branches.

I now need more fruits and flowers.

On the last week, there will be some 'tree dancing'(!) and

maybe even some tree hugging?

The group has become quite friendly!

I tend to take the bad stuff to heart- it's good to be reminded

of the support that I've had over the years.


In my tree the

branches represent

hopes dreams wishes

I want to change, but need to take

small steps

and break down

my goals to smaller ones

This means- I don't feel down- if don't get job
I don't take it personally

Hopefully, small goals will
lead to bigger goals

With depression you tend to
isolate yourself

people feed us

Consider how have we changed?
what positive memories do we have?

On the last day, there will be a
movement and a mental health session-
to bring tree to life
In a soothing way-

a dancing tree!?

leaves flowers fruit

important people-gifts- time, attention- people you look up to

leaves-people in your life
flowers-gifts you have given
fruits-gifts given to you

What are the gifts?

attentive listening-acceptance
friendship(someone in your corner)
love-guidance-role models
advice from family or friends or teachers

What are the benefits?

I am not alone
I have a sense of self
I have security
positive memories

It takes strength and courage to come to the course
your presence supports someone

You need to see yourself through others eyes
You need to look after yourself

What is a gift?

something given with no expectation
something given with love

What have you given?
time and advice

What have you received?
understanding, listening, laughter, friendship

we need people and love- or else we die


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