Future changes

 When I was small,

I had no worries at all.

On the back of my mother and father,

I got all the love, knowledge, stregnth and security I could gather.


Then BANG!!!

My new life had began.

At only seventeen

I saw life through a different screen.


Not the future of presumption,

Not with this disruption.

Doctors, nurses, needles and scans

Not university, parties and tans.


My stregnth went into hiding,

On the back of my parents,

I was no longer riding.


Show yourself

Dont wait around on the shelf

Now the strength you need is not just physical,

Mental stregnth is just as critical.


If I had a time machine,

I would go back

to show myself my new screen.


My ups and down,

Smiles and frowns,

With a picture in the distance,

Of a life with no resistance.


Strangers around that you so fear,

Will help you then to make things more clear.

Through classes and groups

Your life no longer going round in loops.


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