What We Do

A free nine week programme (Scotland only) of writing workshops focused on the promotion of self-management for people experiencing distress, emotional difficulties or mental ill-health. The discussion and writing undertaken at Write to Recovery groups aims to invoke, in participants, a recognition of their strengths and positive aspirations. As the group develops participants can consider the option of becoming facilitators to sustain the group beyond the initial nine weeks.


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Why we do it

Everyone has a story. Writing it down can help you in many different ways. If you’ve ever put pen to paper to work through difficult feelings, you might already know how powerful words can be. The sharing of life stories can create lasting bonds between people, support personal growth and give people the chance to view their journey in a different light.

To find out more about running a Write to Recovery group or to enquire about a taster session at your organisation contact info@scottishrecovery.net or  0141 240 7790.